Glenn Tucker '78, Seward Brooks Society Member

Glenn Tucker '78, Seward Brooks Society Member

Glenn Tucker '78 took on multiple jobs along with his course load to make ends meet as a student at SUNY Morrisville.

While tutoring in the math lab in the library was an easy side gig, Glenn recalled waking up for shifts on the 4 a.m. snow shoveling crew a bit less fondly.

Today, he's helping current SUNY Morrisville students who face similar financial difficulties through a scholarship in his name and contributions to the college's hardship fund.

"Now that I am in the position to help, I want to give back," he said.

Throughout his career, Glenn has made regular contributions to his alma mater. In addition to the scholarship in his name, Glenn is also a member of the Seward Brooks Planned Giving Society, leaving the college in his will to help future students.

Glenn said he hopes the scholarships will improve the quality of life for recipients.

"I didn't have any extra pocket change to enjoy the college experience," he said. "I think I would have enjoyed my time as a student more if it were not such a financial struggle for me."

Throughout his life, Glenn will see his scholarship in action helping countless students. His legacy, however, will be secured at the college permanently through his planned gift.